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Bill Maher Defends Lecherous Chris Matthews

It is probably only a matter of time until accusations of sexual impropriety come out against snarky, left wing comic Bill Maher. So it should come as no surprise that Maher leaped to the defense of Chris Matthews on a recent HBO broadcast.

The provocative “Real Time” host defended Chris Matthews — who abruptly retired from MSNBC last week after numerous controversies — calling Matthews “a friend of mine.”

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“A friend of mine lost his job this week — Chris Matthews,” Maher began Friday night. “Wanted to give him a shoutout because I will miss him and a lot of other people will too. … MSNBC used to run this thing, ‘This is who we are.’ Well, I didn’t like who you were this week and I don’t think a lot of people who work there like this either and I think this cancel culture is a cancer on progressivism.”

Maher then listed the “horrible things” that landed Matthews in hot water, including Matthews’ comparison of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., winning the Nevada caucuses to the Nazi takeover of France, mistaking Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., for Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison, and for “being mean” to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., regarding her grilling of Mike Bloomberg at the Democratic debate.

“I got fired for doing what I do on a show called ‘Politically Incorrect.’ This show is called ‘Hardball’!” Maher exclaimed. “This sounds like every question Chris has asked. And I hated to be interviewed by Chris because he’d ask you a question, you’d start to answer, and he’d keep talking because he had so many thoughts. I’d like to have some more people on TV with thoughts. A lot of other people couldn’t interrupt themselves because they don’t have a thought that the producer isn’t putting in their ear!”

The HBO host acknowledged Matthews made “kind of creepy” remarks to women over the years, but said, “Guys are married for a million years” and they “want to flirt for two seconds.” (Matthews, 74, has been married to his wife Kathleen since 1980).

Maher then tore into Laura Bassett, the journalist whose recent op-ed accusing Matthews of sexual harassment accelerated his departure from the network.

“Thank you, Rosa Parks,” Maher quipped. “I guess my question is, ‘Do you understand why Democrats lose?… What do we call here now? Is she a compliment victim or a compliment survivor?”


  1. Tom

    Maher knows what Matthew’s problem is and it is NOT lecherous action. I strongly suspect Maher has the same problem.

  2. Christopher Wiemann

    I’m sure Maher will findx some comfort now that the recession he prayed for is coming,plus after some republicans in Congress die from the Chinese virus,he will just be overjoyed

  3. Raymond

    When did Maher make that comment? He is such an idiot. I’m sorry he has been promoted to an imbecile.
    If he was the only commentator on tv, I would probably take up checkers again.

  4. Jerry

    Bill Maher is about the ugliest person I gave ever seen on TV. He was unable to ever get a date with a nice looking girl. It would not surprise me if this horse – faces man’s only route to a cute woman’s body was sexual assault!

  5. Anonymous

    Why is this idiot called a comic? There’s absolutely nothing funny about him. He’s a disgusting piece of shit!

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