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Big Tech Exec Resigns After Expressing Hope For Trump’s Coronavirus Death

Berin Szóka thinks that it would be “poetic justice” to see President Donald Trump die from a coronavirus infection. Now, however, in what is perhaps another example of poetic justice, he’s out of a job.

Szóka was the President of a Big Tech think-tank called TechFreedom, which just so happened to be funded by no less a corporation than Google. It also has financial ties to Charles Koch, who has been a vocal critic of the President’s trade policies with China.

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Apparently, having such a prestigious position gave him a swelled head, since last week he felt at liberty to publicly wish for a horrible death upon the President of the United States amidst the worst crisis the country has had to face in modern times. He tweeted, “Serious question: could there possibly be any greater poetic justice in the universe than for Trump to die of the #CPACvirus?”

The CPAC hashtag references the Conservative Political Action Conference that was held in February. President Trump was in attendance, and afterwards it was learned that one of the other attendees had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The President, however, was tested on Friday and the results were negative.

Szóka received intense criticism in response to the tweet, and soon deleted it, tweeting an apology: “I’d never wish death upon anyone but I get why people read it that way. For that, I’m sorry.”

It’s unclear what was ambiguous in Szóka’s use of the word “die” in reference to Trump, but in these times, claiming that words don’t mean what they say is often the last defense of liberal scoundrels.

Regardless of his insincere apologies, TechFreedom announced on Friday that Szóka is being placed on “indefinite sabbatical.”

Politico has reported that Szóka now plans to write a book. Hopefully he’ll be wiser with his choice of words in it than he was on his Twitter account. And regardless of whether President Trump wins reelection or not, one thing is certain: his presidential career will last longer than Szóka’s.


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