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Trump Supporters Under Attack

On Saturday the nation once again awoke to another vile incident of Trump supporters being attacked by a deranged loon, looking to inflict bodily injury  

However, the weapon of choice this time weren’t fists, or even a club, but rather a 5,000 pound (give or take) van speeding towards a half-dozen volunteer Trump campaign workers seated under a red, white and blue tent, in the Kernan Village Shopping Center in Jacksonville, Florida, attempting to register new voters. 

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The volunteers had just settled in, ready to begin a day of registering new Republican voters, perhaps even engaging in a spirited political conversation with a few Democratic shoppers, when an old van suddenly appeared gunning it’s engine racing across the shopping center parking lot, the driver aiming his lethal missile directly at the Trump tent, moments later plowing into the group of elderly volunteers seated near the canopy, as mangled folding chairs, pamphlets, and campaign literature fly into the air laying strewn across the parking lot.

The van comes to a screeching stop, the young driver comes out to record the mayhem he’s just created, and then gives the shocked and traumatized victims his middle finger, before racing off.

Thankfully within just a matter of hours, this nutcase was captured and arrested, and on Sunday the 27-year old driver appeared in court smiling and nodding to the media before he was seated. 

According to eye witness reports, the alleged assailant Gregory Timm is the individual who nearly hit several Trump campaign volunteers and purposely ran his vehicle over chairs and tables before fleeing. 


  1. Buck

    Too bad they didn’t catch him before he got back in and drove off. Then to make sure he wouldn’t do it again, break his arms and legs. These type of people do not need to be out on the streets. They are the true menaces to the people at large.

  2. James Howard

    I would classify this as:
    1: Attempted Murder
    2: A Hate Crime
    3: Felony Reckless Driving
    4: Felony Hit and Run
    5: Felony Elder Abuse
    and several more….

  3. Alexandra Bilinski

    Please immediately take my name off your list….YOUR president ( never mine) is fucking insane and so are all supporters…

  4. LOX

    We are the people who represent Military, Law Enforcement, Civilians, State Police. We are and always will be here to Defend the people, the NRA, and all who represent the Constitution of the United States of America along with the 2nd Ammendment. You the liberals and demented minds who take action of this nature. It is wrong and we the clear minded people who defend the defenseless.
    “WE WILL BE THERE TO STOP” your selfish acts of Violence. Violent people who hurt the Innocent, Will Perish under the Hand who fights for Americas Freedom! We are the one’s who fight for FREEDOM-“WE ARE THE VIOLENT, WHO WILL DETER YOU AND DIMINISH YOUR PUNY FLAME!

  5. It’s loony left that conservatives have to fear. The Democrat Brown Shirts are out in force to terrorize folks. Bet this a$$hole has some allegiance to Anti-Fa.

  6. John

    Enough is enough!! The media is just as guilty as this loon. As far as I’m concerned, people doing this should be arrested, and if found guilty, be fined $10,000.00 and six months in the country jail. Also, while they are in jail, they would be required to clean, pain, and light repairs to County Buildings, hospitals, and perhaps, Senior Citizens Centers. The loons like to pick on those individuals unable to fight back, our Senior Citizens.

    But letting them off is a big mistake, These loons have no respect for anyone else and it shows. But, I guess that’s how their parents brought them up. No responsibility for their actions.

  7. Cheryl

    When are we going to get these nuts off of the streets??
    They always blame Trump, when in fact, Pelosi and Schiffty Schiff are the leaders of this violence by openly hating Trump.
    All those left liberals in Congress need to be kicked out of Congress, put in jail if they project violence, along with ALL THE FAKE MEDIA.

  8. Grizzly Gramma

    I don’t remember seeing any news of this puke Gregory Timm on any of the main stream media news channels.
    You can bet your paycheck if the driver had been a conservative aiming at a Bernie – AOC – Biden table he may have been dragged out an beaten to death.
    Another prime example of the double standards the Democrats now hold true. And “they” say we (Conservative Republicans) are the violent one ……………..

  9. Any one who tries to run over a person is sick. Anyone who does this because of a choice is really not capable of a choice. They need to be held accountable and have a mental evaluation. We the people need change in the house. . The . Majority of House Democrats are evil and care less about us. They are hateful and hate that Our President has been elected. Hoping they could continue there illegal ways.

  10. J. R.

    This nut case should be penalized severely. If he had hit one of the people and killed them it would be murder so he should be charged with attempted murder and hopefully go to prison.
    If there are no consequences for this kind of behavior, it will continue.

  11. Shirley

    He should be charged with destruction of property, reckless driving AND attempted vehicular homicide!!! Thus has got to stop or it will continue or Escalate.

  12. Marie Flores

    Oh my God, this literally has me shaking I have peed in my pant’s!! To see this clip of a bunch of girlies dressed as wanna be man that want to go after Trump supporters just literally has me shaking. I truly had to go and change clothes after watching this clip..

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