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Senate Passes Immigration Bill

Despite being met with opposition by liberal House Democrats, the bill, which calls for $4.6 billion in crucial border funding, was approved by an overwhelming 84-8 in the Republican controlled Senate. Which left House Dems with only two choices: hold out against the Senate measure in favor of their own – or accept the Senate bill.

Amid these deliberations, former Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott, a veteran of such impasses, ambled by the Speaker’s Office late Wednesday afternoon as a coterie of reporters stood watch in the hallway. Lott advised that if he were still running the Senate – where the overwhelming 84-8 vote spoke volumes – there would be only one clear path.

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“I’d say ‘Eat it, House,’” Lott said with a laugh. It’s exactly what they did.

In the end, with little hope of the House version of the Bill being passed by Congress, Pelosi, D-Calif., was forced to bring the bipartisan bill to a vote, amid pressure from Republicans and moderate Democrats to pass legislation ahead of the July 4 holiday break.

In letter to her fellow House Democrats, justifying her actions, Pelosi wrote, “The children come first. We have to make sure that the resources needed to protect the children are available. Therefore, we will not engage in the same disrespectful behavior that the Senate did in ignoring our priorities. In order to get resources to the children fastest, we will reluctantly pass the Senate bill.”

The bill passed 305-102.

Schumer Takes Heat

Since the passage of the Bill, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has faced lingering political backlash from liberal House Democrats over his role in the passage of a bipartisan border bill, which forced Pelosi to back off from the push by the House to include restrictions on immigration enforcement.

It is Schumer, and not Pelosi that is taking most of the heat from a “House” on fire. Those in the House progressive wing are turning their ire toward Schumer, D-N.Y., for allegedly not fighting hard enough for the restrictions they sought to be included in the Senate bill. Provisions such as limiting the amount of time unaccompanied minors can spend at an influx shelter, and reducing funding for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by millions.

“Chuck Schumer f—d us,” a Democratic aide, who chose to remain anonymous, told Vanity Fair last week.


“Schumer threw all of the House Democrats under the bus and he will pay a heavy price for that,” another Democratic aide told Politico.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus last week called the measure a “betrayal of our American values,” and one that they will “not forget.”

The drama has led to reports of a rift between Schumer and Pelosi. According to The Washington Post, Pelosi was “blindsided” when the Senate voted overwhelmingly for the bipartisan bill. A House Democratic aide told the outlet that Schumer “destroyed all of our leverage…by not being able to hold his people.”

“The Senate Democrats did us a huge disservice,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told the Post. “The benefit to having one chamber controlled by Democrats is you have people who can fight and win. But that requires the people in the minority chamber to also fight, even if they lose.”

Republicans, meanwhile, have continued to focus on closing loopholes that encourage migrants to make the perilous journey with children through Central America in order to be released into the U.S. It is those loopholes, they say, that have led to hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving at the border in recent months — many of them family units.




  1. Barbara Finazzo

    IT’s about time they came to the table and did something for the good of the country instead of their far left party. I for one are so sick of the Dems and the way they try to turn everything around. I sure wish they’d get over the 2016 defeat and move on like others have done through the years. They’ll have another chance in 2020, but if they continue to react and make polices as they are, they won’t be happy then either.

  2. Jim Miederhoff

    It is about time they decided to perform, the way the CITIZENS of the USA desired, and BUILD THAT WALL, and protect our rights as Citizens who should be able to enjoy the sanctity and security of a Nation, not being flooded with ILLEGAL immigrants who stream across our Souhern border 24 hrs a day.

  3. Robert Mongillo

    This is the right step. Now the proper handling of the truly productive immigrant has to be improved, and
    handled in a quicker manner.
    The continued policing must be maintained to provide orderly processing, and stopping of the non productive,
    trouble making entries.
    Yes accepting of immigrants is good as long as they understand that there are rules and regulations that have
    too be adhered to.

  4. The Democrats r idiots all they care about is their power, position and illegals for votes! I’d like to send all the Democrats in Congress to Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico since they’re using all these migrants for votes they don’t care about illegals .The demorats r the most disgusting evil people! Just remember what they did to Kavanaugh sick!

  5. Cheryl

    Horray. Those Democrats have finally been put into their places for being so disagreeable. Eat it Democrats!!

  6. StopUSAGiveaway

    Whoopie…its still our USA”s Taxdollars especially from Private Sector with no guarantees at all except to work til we drop dead and die prior to ability to retire… ILLEGALS ILLEGITIAMTES and COMMUNIST USA’s ENEMIES WIN again…

  7. Kmf

    The Republicans finally did the right thing. For years they have bent over backwards to accommodate the ruthless demos who want nothing more than to kill the middle class.

  8. Kmf

    Stop restricting my comments. Repub. Did the right thing for a change and removed all the pork from their bill. Demo need to act like human beings and do what the country really wants not CNN elitist wants.

  9. Illegal is illegal. Any conditions in the housing of illegals is much better than they had. Build the Wall. Immigrants who come to this country are welcome. Illegals use children to pray on the taxpayers and get free,free,free. While the people who have worked for government benefits are robbed of the money paid into social security. Nothing is free and this needs to be told to all illegals. Time to shut down the democrats and their vote schemes.

  10. Marlopi

    Finally, someone in government on America’s side. However, the money should have been allocated to build the wall and stop the huge expense of supporting non-Americans who have broken our laws.

  11. Another REPUBLICan

    Pelosi (doesn’t deserve a title) really is pretty stupid and evil when one really thinks about it as is most democrats are! I do think we should allow the leftist to make lots of money so they can pay bookoo taxes to support the worlds lazy population wanting our country’s benefits (I had to work hard to make a living through my life. I started life on my own with over 26 years military and in combat situations and have the right to tell liberals and any freeloaders to take a hike. Then they have the gall to dictate to our country. Why should we pay twice to feed your family.? What do you do with your food stamps?? Instead of trashing our country, and throwing garbage along farmers roads, earn your keep and go clean up. Go back and improve your own country – or are too lazy? Oops – that would cost dems votes.
    Yes I am angry, I could.write a book – like why do some kids have to look like Muslims so they don’t get assaulted. Want to kill whites? Give me a shot!

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  13. anonymous

    Send a Bill/Fine to each Country to pass along to the Cartels they each represent, to pay their fair share of this problem. If they chose to ignore the fine then do not give them any support in the taking care of their people. or just open the borders to a FREE America, but must follow all the rules that are in place. Just as the bible states…

  14. All of these invaders should be sent back to there home country . These leaches are here only for the freebies the idiots in our government have provided for then to destroy our country !

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