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California Town: 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City

Leaders of the Old West desert town of Needles, California have declared it to be a sanctuary city for the 2nd Amendment and have planned to resist some of the state’s draconian gun laws, which they assert impinges upon their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

On June 11th, Needles’ city council voted unanimously to make the declaration. Although it has been reported that the declaration will have “no immediate practical impact on how guns are treated in the city,” city attorneys are drafting legislation to permit individuals with out-of-state concealed carry permits to carry legally in the city and to exempt the city from ammunition restrictions, according to a report by the Associated Press.

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“They want to pick and choose what they follow,” Needles City Councilman Tim Terral told AP reporters, adding “It’s ‘We’re going to shield this person, but we’re going to go after that person.’ And in our opinion they have violated the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution in many ways.”

Needles is a small town in the Mojave Desert that’s inhabited by 4,844 residents. It’s perhaps best for being featured in John Steinbeck’s acclaimed novel The Grapes of Wrath. But now, the town is making headlines for its dissident stance on California’s overreaching gun laws.

“While we recognize that all lawful gun owners are responsible for ensuring they are compliant with state and federal gun laws, we also recognize that the State of California cannot adopt laws that impair the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment,” Mayor Jeff Williams told reporters at the Associated Press.

City Councilman Tim Terral, the sponsor of the legislation, has said that he was motivated by friends in neighboring Arizona who’ve mentioned avoiding coming to Needles because of California gun laws.

Terral told reporters, “I’m asking them, ‘Why won’t you come to a barbecue at my house? Or, why won’t you come out here and buy X, Y or Z because we can sell it cheaper…They said basically it’s because we’re not going to disarm ourselves, and California won’t accept our concealed weapons permits.”

The state of California only recognizes conceal carry permits that they themselves issue, which means that gun owners from other states in the country have to disarm while visiting, or risk arrest.

California knows all too well about the term “Sanctuary City,” but in this case, the phrase is referring to something quite different. A jaw-dropping twenty counties in California call themselves sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. Some of those counties have larger populations than certain states in the union, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Needles isn’t the only city to declare itself a Second Amendment sanctuary city. Cities in Washington state, Rhode Island, and New Mexico have taken similar actions to protect the Second Amendment against ever encroaching gun laws.


  1. Richard J. Herr

    It is a shame that cities have to uphold constitutional rights that the state tries to negate! And yet these same states declare themselves above the law! When do we put a stop to this lawless activities?

  2. Greg

    Good on you Needles California! Your city council is to be congratulated for refusing to capitulate to the pervasive idiocy of your knucklehead leadership. I was born and raised in California but have no particular desire to return, for a number of reasons. Just when I thought that my beloved home state might “STUPID” itself out of existence, your little desert town gives me a glimmer of hope. I commend you for your enlightened governance and grit.

  3. Jim Miederhoff

    A “NATIONAL CARRY” permit with extremely stringent regulations could be implemented in order to qualify. If governed and controlled accurately, and violations punished accordingly, it could feasibly eliminate any actions detrimental to such a law.

  4. Sylvia kaneko

    How I wish we could feel safe enough with our fellow humans to live
    Without having to be armed at all times, even in our homes. How did
    We get to such a paranoid place in this democratic nation. Have we
    Lost democracy?

  5. Phil Parker

    Bravo! You have True Grit! It’s good to see people who are sick and tired of
    the incessant shenanigans by the Progressive misaligned left!

  6. Don Lehmer

    If I ever,visit California, which I intend to never do, I promise I will visit Needles. I am not a gun owner, but it is our constitutional right to bear arms


    I wish more cities would do the same. We all need to protect our 2nd amendment. Thanks for sharing this and great courage.

  8. richie hamilton

    Good for them. I am sure the state will try to harass them and say they are bad bad bad, but in california the majority of politicians who are democrats seem to be from another planet and have some weird ass laws and weird thoughs as to what is normal and acceptable. I have no love for california because of it stupid politicians like pelosi, and waters . Those two woman are total wacko’s and need to stay home and retire from politics.

  9. As a US ARMY VET I Thank NEEDLES for there action to up hold our second Amendment rights!!! People kill People not GUNS !! If they take away our weapons only Killers and THIEVES will have guns. The rest of us will be Sheep for slaughter. THINK ABOUT IT before you pass stupid laws.

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