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Want to See America under Democratic Rule? Look at Los Angeles

In 1781, a group of Spanish settlers established a pueblo and named it El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles – The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels. Eventually, this Spanish settlement grew into what is known today as the City of Los Angeles  the City of the Angels.

Los Angeles has an estimate population of nearly 4 million people, about 1.2% of the total population of the United States. Since July 1, 1961, Los Angeles has only had 1 Republican mayor and he, Thomas Bradley, wasn’t the greatest representative of the Republican Party. The current mayor, Eric Garcetti is a great representative of the Democratic Party. Garcetti has been running the city since July 1, 2013.

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Garcetti has pushed to increase the minimum wage in Los Angeles, including an increase to $15.37 an hour for hotel workers.

In 2014, Garcetti declared Los Angeles to be a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and announced that the Los Angeles Police Department would not honor most requests from federal officials to detain illegal aliens.

Basically, Garcetti is continuing the tradition of running Los Angeles the way Democrats want to run the United States. Consequently, if one takes a look at Los Angeles, they will see a really ugly and bleak view of America under Democratic rule as recently reported:

“The City of Angels is looking a whole lot more like a Den of Demons these days, as the second-largest city in the United States descends into ‘complete breakdown,’ according to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a longtime L.A. resident and radio personality who gave his take on the current crumbling state of the world’s biggest entertainment hub during a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle’.”

“Rampant illegal immigration, homelessness, rodent infestation, and infectious disease are just a few of the many serious problems afflicting today’s LA, according to reports. And in the eyes of Dr. Pinsky, the California mecca is now, in many ways, worse off than many Third World countries because of it all.”

“‘We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,’ Dr. Pinsky stated frankly to Laura Ingraham during the segment.”

“‘We have the three prongs of airborne disease, tuberculosis is exploding, (and) rodent-borne. We are one of the only cities in the country that doesn’t have a rodent control program, and sanitation has broken down,’ he further explained.”

“Dr. Pinsky’s contentions come on the heels of disturbing reports about the spread of life-threatening illnesses like typhoid fever and bubonic plague, both of which are making a comeback in L.A. An L.A. police officer reportedly contracted typhoid fever recently, and bubonic plague, which killed tens of millions of people during the 14th century, is also ‘likely’ spreading in L.A. as well, according to Dr. Pinsky.”

Additionally, Los Angeles has been among the nation’s top 5 cities for homicides in recent years, and yet, California has been busy passing many gun control laws to prevent violence.

There are entire areas of Los Angeles that are not safe for women and children of any skin color or ethnic background. In many of those areas, it’s not safe for a Caucasian male to wander the streets or even drive through them.

An acquaintance told me not long ago that many areas of Los Angeles reminded him of some of the slums and ghettos in Mexico, especially those under the control of gangs and the drug cartels. He then added that we shouldn’t expect anything different from Democrats.

Seeing the report above and recalling the words of this man, it should give everyone a warning of the ugliness and despair that will sweep over the entire nation if Democrats get control of the country and run it like they have run Los Angeles.


  1. Eric Cooper

    and Republican rule would be so much better with the dictatorship bullshit being pushed on the entire nation. There needs to be a happy medium which is not in either party. You want Republican rule, look at the bullshit in Alabama, oh joy.

  2. Sam

    The headline could just as easily be
    “Want to See America under Socialist Rule? Look at Los Angeles”
    I hope the younger voters wake up and start making their own observations instead of blindly following their agenda driven professors.

  3. Barbara


  4. E James Hickey

    Ok so where are all the income spread the wealth actors, actresses and politicians The plague should help with the overcrowded issue of course Bernie healthcare for all may help.

  5. Sam

    The headline could just as easily be
    “Want to See America under Socialist Rule? Look at Los Angeles”
    I hope the younger voters wake up and start making their own observations instead of blindly following their agenda driven professors.

  6. Nancy Alexander

    Just another stupid article by more stupid people looking to start something where there is nothing. Great example of a solution looking for a problem!! Move along folks – nothing to see here!!

  7. Democrat Party politicians and operatives are really Communists (That is what so-called “Progressives” are and have been for more than a century.) who want to take all liberty from the People and rule them with an iron fist. John Conyers was quoted as saying that they wanted “to get control of the people!” (Sorry, that is NOT a Constitutional duty or prerogative of Congress and the federal government!) The Democrat Party’s goal is to solidify their place as the aristocracy (Politboro is the same basic thing.) in an American feudal system that enslaves the people while the vast majority of the nation’s resources and wealth are hoarded by Democrat Party members.

    Look at EVERY CITY in the US that is ‘governed’ by the Democrat Party and you will see corruption and abuse beyond belief! New York, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, … the list goes on! And they all want to take away the Liberty of the People and destroy the Constitution! This is what scum like George Soros want to bring to America as a whole – they want to kill the entire concept, rid the world of it so that they can lord it over the people and have all the wealth for themselves. This is what the dictatorships of the world desire – free reign to do as they please!

    Democrat Party politicians and operatives are nothing less than ANTI-AMERICAN (There may be some that are dupes, but they must be blind or dumb to be so.). It is high time that their insidious and vicious philosophy be outlawed and they be removed from office. They are the true “enemies within” that the Constitution speaks of, and ALL FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE must defend the Nation and the Constitution from them! There are plenty of other places for them to go in the rest of the world – places where fraud and graft abound at the expense of the majority of their populations (who live in grinding poverty). I sense that the breaking point is not far off. We MUST DEFEND the Constitution, RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, RID OUR LAND of all would-be aristocrats and aristocracies that wish to destroy America, and RESTORE THE FULL BLOOM OF LIBERTY to our People as it was intended to be by the Founding Fathers! The enemy is here among US. They must be rooted out and their influence removed! Our children must be taught the truth about what is going on and the Liberty they are being asked to surrender or are being beguiled into surrendering by the ‘Pied Piper’ of Communism, Socialism, and every other ‘-ism’ that is opposed to FREEDOM and LIBERTY for the PEOPLE!!!!!.

    • You left out Dallas, Texas. Dallas has become an “Island of Blue in the Texas sea of Red” where crime is rampant, shootings are common place and homelessness is high. Democrats now hold the Mayor’s office, the majority of City Council Seats and the County District Attorney’s office. The Police Department is understaffed by several hundred officers and the newly elected District Attorney has pledged to no longer prosecute “minor offenses” to reduce the case load on his office”.

  8. I see absolutely no need for “moderation.” There is absolutely nothing but truth written. The People must be allowed to see and hear the truth! Check it out!!! The time for decision and action has come and is coming! It is NOW, BEFORE it is too late! The”Establishment” and the “Deep State” of corrupt politicians, operatives, and megalomaniacs have very nearly taken it all away from US while they fed US poisoned candy and lies! The People need to see and hear the truth NOW! Much MORE THAN THAT, the need to ACT NOW, before it is too late! Before it is all GONE!!!

  9. Why stop there, look at Cuba, China, Russia, N. Korea and other socialist/communist countries Would you like under those conditions where government people live high while the rest live a meager life! What is the difference between them and democracy! One is free, if they want, to move up the scale! Yes it takes hard work, not braking rocks nor waiting for handouts, but learning a trade, furthering education and such The Saunders, Pelosis, Schumers and AOCs of this world will give you nothing but control and limitations! You will have less and they will have MORE! They will kill jobs and you will lose yours! Congratulations! They will badmouth the Rich but they are the ones that take chances, work hard and create opportunities for the less willing, yet they are made out to be crooks! The crooks are people that lie to you, promise to give you and hold you hostage for life! Choose well all the aspiring to be presidents from the left wil deliver for themselves not you! Take a look at reality around the world and make your choice!

  10. Democratic rule has left California THE ONCE GOLDEN STATE today a stinking cesspool of Democratic LUNACY AND STUPIDITY Back in 1945 when i was stationed at Camp Roberts California it was a paradise and the people were proud and patriotic supporting American Service men and Women i any and every way they could , It was clean beautiful and enjoyable for all of us Service personal when we were off duty What a disgrace it is today to America

  11. A bit of logic lacking in parts of this article. Bubonic plague is “likely” spreading, for example, indicates opinion, not known fact. We need to be very careful and fact-based when we write for publication.

  12. Warren

    this is true view of the way Democrats run things, OK for you but not me attitude. Nether party has all the answers and it seems like they don’t want to work together if they don’t get there way, but at least the Republicans seem to want to work for the people of this United States of America. I as a tax payer am sick of paying the corruption in this country. if the Democrats fell they are right and want to become a sanctuary City or State my suggestion would be to build a wall from Mexico the the northern boarder of Oregon and than control travel from there to other places. we don’t need the sickness that is coming from the illegals and from California to spread over the whole country

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