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Women Pretending to be Muslim to Avoid Assault

European Girls in Vienna are Wearing Headscarves to Avoid Assaults by Male Muslim Migrants.

Marcus Franz, a physician and former MP from the conservative Austrian People’s Party created outrage on social media after he said the non-Muslim European girls in Vienna have started to wear Islamic headscarves to prevent street harassment and assault by male Muslim migrants.

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During an appearance last week on OE24, a local Austrian television station, Franz stated, “Speak with women on the street, speak with children, speak with young girls. I know fathers who, when their daughters come home in the evening when they live in the problem area, give them headscarves so they won’t be recognized as Austrians. I know this personally, in the 15th district [of Vienna], this is a fact.”

The doctor and former MP went on to say that native Austrian women were afraid because of ‘permanent micro-aggressions’ and being sexually propositioned by Muslim men on the streets of Vienna. This is especially common in the districts where lots of migrants live.

Franz added that European girls who don’t wear Islamic headscarves were being “propositioned with unpleasant aggression and attitudes, and the girls and women, quite simply, are afraid.”
“You can see it in the population if you work in a social profession like me,” Franz remarked, adding, “We need to distinguish clearly between the settled population and those who have arrived more recently.”

This story shares unsettling similarities to how some native German girls who attend the schools with significant migrant populations have also been wearing hijabs to prevent harassment and aggressive behavior aimed at them.

In March of last year, a number of news outlets reported that the headmaster of school in Frankfurt, Germany, told a mother whose daughter was being aggressively bullied by Muslim students due to her blonde hair, Christianity, and because she didn’t wear a headscarf, to cover her up with a hijab to prevent the harassment.

“Your daughter does not have to say that she is German. Besides, you can give her a headscarf!” the headmaster told her.

The mother of the student told BILD, a German news outlet, that she was ‘forced to take her daughter out of school for her protection’ because the Muslim girls were bullying her to such a significant degree.

In late 2016, a UN-sponsored advertisement in Germany encouraged women to wear Islamic headscarves to show ‘tolerance.’ The German government used public funds to run the 18-second ad.
Many women in Sweden have also started to wear Islamic headscarves to avoid sexual harassment and assault. Sexual assaults in Sweden have skyrocketed since the migrant crisis began in 2015.
Migrant violence against women has spread like a like a plague throughout Europe since the EU first allowed an enormous influx of migrants from Northern Africa and the Middle East in 2015. Reports of sexual harassment and assault against European women are much higher in Western European countries where more migrants have been allowed in (i.e., Germany, Sweden, Austria).
Meanwhile, reports of the same nature are virtually non-existent in countries like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia (the Visegrád Group), where the governments have taken a hardline stance against mass migration from majority Muslim countries.

Perhaps the governments of Western Europe should be taking their cues from the Visegrád countries.


  1. Noe

    Muslims are bullies. If allowed to keep up their “activities, they will only get bolder until YOU are forced to become a Muslim.
    Crusaders, arise

  2. David J Watson

    It’s totally unfortunate that countries allow their citizens to be denigrated by a bunch of islamic thugs that should never have been allowed to swamp their countries. In another 25 years or so the once great continent of Europe will be another third world country run by Islamists.

  3. Terry

    This is what the democrats want to do here in the US. I’m afraid there would be a lot of muslins hurt if they try that here.

  4. Philip simon

    When young girls are being attacked, just kill the Moslems, just get rid of them and say, do not diss my girls you sexual scumbags.

  5. Philip simon

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  6. Philip simon

    Get out of our lives you Allah’s and Mohammad’s, take this religion of yours and get the hell out of here.

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