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Is Trump Done Without the Wall?

“Build the Wall,” “Build the Wall,” “Build the Wall,” – it was the chant of fervent Trump supporters throughout his campaign, and according to Breitbart News, the president had better heed those not so distant echoes.

According to a report published by the Trump friendly news service, “a poll of 2,700 Trump voters shows that President Donald Trump will lose 43 percent of his base of support if a border wall is not built.”

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What’s more, the article said that the poll “shows that only 43 percent of Trump voters consider the conclusion of the government shutdown a victory for Trump, even as 60 percent approved of ending the partial shutdown.”

The poll, which was conducted by Ear to the Ground, found that most “Trump voters still support the President for the time-being, even if they view the outcome of the Shutdown Showdown as his loss.” Ear to the Ground is a self-proclaimed “listening project,” whose stated mission is “a collaboration of individuals seeking to understand and amplify the voice of the American people.”

The poll also indicated that Trump’s supporters by a huge margin of 95 percent, approve of him building the border wall by declaring a national emergency.

<strong>The Base Is Sticking, But There Could Be Trouble Ahead </strong>

According to the poll, Trump’s base is sticking with him, but without a border wall, his support would collapse almost in half.

And therein lies the answer to the Democrats rabid opposition to a “wall,” or “barrier” or any structure that Trump can attach his name to on the southern border, even though they once voted for funding such a structure in the past.

To do so now, will allow President Trump to claim he kept his central campaign promise. And although Democrats and the media know we need physical structures to protect our border, what is more important to both groups – professed enemies of the President — is preventing him from keeping that promise at all costs. They believe — and according to this poll, rightly so — that the fastest way to defeat Trump in 2020 is to destroy his base of support.

Granted, we are a long way off from the 2020 presidential campaign — and a lot can happen between now and then. But, “Build the Wall” is Trump’s quintessential campaign pledge. If Trump is unable to keep this promise, the same Democrats and media who worked tirelessly to ensure the wall was not built — will triumphantly turn around and taunt him for not keeping the promise his entire campaign was built on – and that could spell trouble for his reelection.

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  1. Unfortunately I cannot vote for him 2020 due to this, and not enough done to protect 2nd Amend- he shot down Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Won’t fall for “yeah, he didn’t do it, but the other choices are worse”. I will vote 3rd party. Don’t believe he ever intended to do these things- the 2 yrs. he had 3 branches of government, he acted like low-energy Jeb Bush that he criticized, with no sense of urgency & squandered the opportunity. Maybe why he lost house in 2018. Keeps putting his enemies into gov’t positions ! ? ?

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